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Beautiful Fall Flowers
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Online Feature: Easy D.I.Y. Fall Flower Arrangements
We are a culture of Do-It-Yourself-ers. We walk through a craft store, look at a display, check the price and announce to the world "I can make that!" Many of us believe we are super-crafter-woman. With a little glue, lace and ribbon we can make anything. We are craft heroes. Yet somehow, if you are like me, remnants of several unfinished projects and their supplies are stored away in my craft closet waiting for me to find the time.
So how do you decide what do-it-yourself projects are worth your time? How about one that uses leftover holiday materials you probably already have and includes complete, simple instruction so you can successfully finish the project?
Well, look no further. Here are complete written instructions, plus photos to complete this holiday craft project and make you feel like a true craft hero! This will be easy. (Not like the expression easy as pie, though. I have made a homemade pie and it was hard!) I will not let you fail this mission. Together, we will avoid the perils of the unfinished craft graveyard.
These fun creations can be used to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. 
Materials to buy:
  • Pumpkin or Squash
  • Wet Floral Foam: Craft store, floral section $3-4
  • You can use any flower you like. Roses are sold at most grocery stores. You may only need a dozen, depending on the size of your container (pumpkin or squash)
  • Greenery or leaves can add a nice touch and take the role of filler in a flower arrangement
Tip: When looking for flowers and greenery, never forget what you have growing in your yard. (Remember, they are free!) 
  • Halloween decorations such as spider rings, spider webs, sticks, rubber toy rodents, etc
  • Thanksgiving extras could be cranberries, small vegetables like squash or zucchini, and ribbon
Step by step instructions
  1. Prepare the container (pumpkin or squash). Cut top of container and clean out all seeds, like you were to carve a jack-o-lantern. (photo 1)
  2. Prepare foam by soaking in water for ten minutes. Cut the foam to fit tightly in carved hole using a knife. (photo 2 & 3)
  3. Start arranging flowers and other items beginning with the largest items first. This may be roses or sunflowers. Flowers should have at least 2 inches of their stem inside the foam. (photo 4 & 5)
  4. Using greenery, fill in any empty spaces in the arrangement. (photo 6 & 7)
  5. Add holiday details. Be creative and have fun! (photo 8)

Now you know how easy flower arranging can be, you may want to try another one for the next season. Each arrangement should last 7-10 days without any added water or worry. Remember, crafts should be fun to display and create. Use what you have around the house and yard. For other Do-It-Yourself flower ideas check out this website.

This article was written for Wasatch Women Magazine Oct. 2009.

Online Feature: Hostess with the Mostest
Decorating tips for a very impressive tablescape
Holiday parties are coming up quick! 
Thoughts of decorating making you sick? 

Kelly's house last year stole the show 
Your turn this year, expectations are low. 

How do you impress those decorating queens? 
Without losing time and wasting your means? 

Martha Stewart won't show at your door, 
But my advice will help much more! 

Designer and florist you are not, 
These tips and steps will help out a lot 

Take the credit and claim the fame, 
Hostess with the Mostest will be your name! 

Step 1. Place boxes or bins on table to give height variety. Use different sizes and shapes, then clustered together.
Step 2. Cover table with large tablecloth and table runners.
Step 3. Cover glass vases with wrapping paper and matching bow.
Step 4. Remove all leaves from flowers and cut all stems the same length. This arrangement is easy and modern. Place flowers in vase with cool water.
Step 5. Place food platters and vases on boxes or bins.
Step 6. Scatter candles, holiday ornaments, ribbon and rose petals on the table around all the food and other decorations.
Step 7. Candy cane and a rose are fun and easy party favors. Use favors to decorate then pass out to finish up the party!

Have fun, and use old holiday decorations and gift-wrapping scraps to impress friends and family. Enjoy all the praise and happy holidays!

This was the article written for Wasatch Women Magazine Dec. 2009

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Courtney Cope: Artistic Director

As the owner and Artistic Director of Imperial Floral, I want to thank all our clients who have made us a success.  We have enjoyed all the weddings and events that we have helped with.  I love the many beautiful brides who have invited us to help with their BIG DAY!  We love flowers and love our clients.  

We look forward to a new year of excited floral events.  We are proud of our new DVD, Do It Yourself Flowers: Rose Edition, coming to a craft store near you soon.  I am excited about my past articles written for Wasatch Women Magazine online edition and look forward to more writing opportunities.  Happy New Year!!!   

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome to our new blog. We will be posting new and informative information here, so be sure to check back again often.


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